Walmart Performance Dashboard for display ads

Professional Work, 2020 | Focus - Product Development, User Interface | Time - 8 months


In a Walmart first-party survey conducted in May 2020, 

we found out some very interesting metrics.  

79% of customers said Walmart ads help them choose what to purchase

50% of customers visit with a Discovery/Inspiration mindset

74% of Walmart store customers visit with a Replenishment mindset

What does this mean for advertisers?

On-demand data

Easily comparable metrics

Better targeted ads that help customers and also sell products

Being able to access the data on how the ads are performing and its subsequent impact on the product is crucial to advertisers.

The current state of affairs

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 4.58.22 PM.png

Manually complied reports 

Labor intensive for all involved parties

No real-time knowledge of campaign


Non-interactive static documents

Compilation of documents that need to be maintained for future reference

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 5.01.24 PM.png
How Might We provide fully transparent and on demand campaign reports to our advertisers to enable better connection and engagement with Walmart customers and to sell more products.

The Goal

Working in Phases - Iteration | Research & testing | Incorporating Feedback

We had three release phases - ALPHA, BETA & GA and there were continuous cycles of testing, iteration and incorporating feedback that was happening throughout the process. 


Research & testing

- Walkthroughs of the product / wireframes with various internal XFN teams and external advertising partners.

- Surveys to understand needs / expectations / painpoints

Iterations & Explorations 

Constant iteration and additions in features, UI and behaviors were made throughtout the course of the project.

From low-fidelity paper wireframes to full blown high fidelity flows were made to communicate the product goals/needs in an efficient manner to various XFN teams. 


Quality Assurance testing 

I worked on multiple rounds of QA testing and feedback alongside the QA team and engineering team to deal with unidentified edge-cases that would occur or to communicate small fixes to the UI, in order to deliver the most optimal experience to our end users.


The Product Flow

A quick look at some of the key screens and flows within the product with break down of intention and use cases.  All of these are ofcourse just a small part of the massive amount of work that was done over the course of 8 months but nonetheless give you an idea of the product and the thought process that went into it. 



The dashboard is the page the advertiser first sees when they enter into the product. 

It gives the advertiser some key insights and metrics and encourages them to dig deeper if necessary. 

Tooltips that appear on hover that proved more information.


Campaign performance REPORTS

The advertiser is brought to the reports page which has "All Campaigns" selected by default

The default time range is 60 days but it can be adjusted in the calendar

There is a "Last Updated" info feature to assure the advertiser that the information is up to date 

Multiple campaigns can be chosen to be reviewed at the same time 

Metric comparison.gif

Multiple metrics selection

(fun edge-case)

Advertisers can look at individual metrics or compare them with ease

The edge-case that discovered here was the fact that in certain scenarios when particular metrics were compared, the difference in numbers was so drastic that one metric would be flat on the X-axis. To fix this we introduced the "Dual Axis feature" when metric comparison is used


ROAS TOGGLE [Attributed vs accruing]

ROAS data that has been already "attributed" is exhibited with a solid line ​

Advertisers can chose to look at the predictive "accruing" data which is exhibited with the dotted lines


Funnel graph 

The advertiser can click into any campaign and view various different visualizations of data related to that campaign

The funnel chart was a much requested feature that was included after initial feedback rounds with XFN teams

Error screens.gif

Error screens & notifications

A big and important part of any product is clear and easily understandable error messages and notification systems

Playful yet brand conscious gifs where also used to signal the message. 

Mobile Version

While the I-pad version of the product sized down seamlessly, we had to make significant trade-offs with the mobile design. Through quick surveys and interviews we determined the most used / most useful features to have in mobile and created our MVP mobile version. 

Full Feature Transfer




"This is really outstanding. We are on this roadmap journey together. Automation, Self-Serve, Closed Loop data in real time is always exciting"

- Jess Scheerhorn, Senior Brand Manager at P&G

"This exciting new tool provides…data at our fingertips, and we are eager to see how the platform continues to evolve."

- James Kristof, Director of Ecommerce Sales at Nestlé Purina North America

"This dashboard look very promising and it's very exciting to see the data"

- Sherene Jagla, Vice President at Kellogg's

Group 6.png

Quotes from our Advertisers

Building a Design System 

I had setup a design system on the side as I was working on this project to make sure that all our products could have a unified interface. We named it the "Cherry Blossom Design System" and it is very much a work in progress but its helping us on the road to building products that are very clearly defined brand experience.  
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.17.12

Learnings and Reflections

Being able to work with quickly without comprising the design process was a big ask for this project due to the extremely ambitious release timelines that we had. I was very lucky to be working under a manager who deeply valued design and making sure the user experience was not compromised which gave me the flexibility to iterate and test multiple versions before arriving at defined features. 
Collaborating with various team within the company, with our partnered advertising units, our international teams and making sure there are clear streams of constant and precise communication maintained
Working amidst a global pandemic and all the curveballs that came along with it and making sure that no details were left unseen and this was achievable only because of the extremely talented and dedicated team that I had the privilege of working with. 

The end.