Personal Work, 2019 | Focus - User Research . User Interface

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If Mia and Sebastian are any indication we know that


Love doesn't always work out. 


That's the number of people breaking up every day.


The percentage of people who claim to feel symptoms of loneliness bordering on depression after a breakup.  

Anny, 25

I keep recalling in my head what I did wrong in the relationship. How it could have been different. What did I do wrong?

Insight : Breakup distorts the way we think and create a cognitive distortion. Cognitive distortion detected- Control Fallacies

David, 28

When it was over I didn't know what to do, I didn't have that much of myself left. I was not even interested in eating.

Insight : Loss of motivation in taking care of oneself. No longer interested in doing everyday tasks.

Research phase 1

Devin, 23

I didn’t want to talk to anyone, not even my own parents. It always felt like something was missing and I didn’t know how to connect again

Insight : Loss of motivation to make social interactions. Disconnected from support networks.

What's Happening after a break up

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A cognitive distortion sets in affecting the way you think and look at things. This cognitive distortion combines with a lack of motivation to take care of yourself and engage in social activities in a healthy manner.

The Goal

How Might We help people who have just ended a relationship with a significant other through a breakup, deal with their feelings of loneliness 
and move on in a healthy manner?

How can we solve this

Problem -

Cognitive distortion

Problem -

Loss of motivation - Self Care

Problem -

Loss of Motivation - Social Life

Solution - Providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy through reconstructed activities for a 30 day recommended period.

Solution - Creating a comprehensive schedule with all the things that need to be done.

Solution - Get in touch with a community of people bonding over similar trauma.

How to add motivation and delight to the experience


Problem - 


Users needed some form of extrinsic motivation in order to use the product effectively and go through the CBT exercise, stick to schedules and make new connections

Solution - 

" Taking care of something else helps you take care of yourself "

A digital plant that serves as an avatar of the user and their personal journey towards growth. 

It grows and flourishes as the user progresses through their training period.

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Introducing Itera.


Easy Login

Quick login in through email or social media and a terms and conditions page that is inviting and on-theme in terms of brand visuals and language.

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Questionnaire to Understand and personalize

A quick set of questions to asses the nature of the relationship and the user in order to personalize the care process. 

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Celebrating every milestone and bringing in delight 

Keeping a fun tone and providing encouragement in every step to make sure that the user is engaged and feeling like they are accomplishing things and progressing with every single action they take. 

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A digital Avatar to reflect personal growth 

The user picks and customizes a digital plant that serves as a representation of their progress. It grows as they complete their tasks and serves as motivation to stick to their schedules.

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Comprehensive dashboard showing progress, upcoming schedules and other activities.

A clean and neat dashboard page that highlights where you are in the 30 days recommended cognitive behavior therapy program along with reminders, activities, and access to the Itera community through the chat icon.

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A series of activities that are re-imagined versions of traditional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy exercises used in clinical therapy practices. These are used to counter the cognitive bais that sets in after a breakup or end of a relationship.

Reimagined Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Exercises. 

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text to ex.gif

Access to the itera community - give advice, be adviced, befriend people and give your friends access to your plants. Watch out for each other.

Everyone on this platform is going through some version of heartbreak, giving them each other's shoulder to lean on is a great way to get users over the barrier of avoiding social interaction after a breakup. Users can slowly build their own community of people by sharing their plant with each other and looking out for their community's progress.  

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Personal Interviews

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Expert Interviews

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street Interviews



• Gathering insights from the research phase to ideate various solutions.

• Mapping them by feasibility vs impact

• Picking the solutions with high Impact and high feasibility and refining them further.



• Set up a break-up booth and tested our Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Exercises

• Tested the language and tone that users responded best to.

• Tested app flow and initial concept of having a physical plant.


Wireframe, flow, and information architecture

• A whiteboard session to figure out the low fidelity wireframe and flow of the product. 

• Figuring our feature order and connectivity.

• Understanding internal and external elements

Major Insight

We initially considered using a real plant with a controlled environment as an avatar of the self to provide motivation. 

However, testing proved that  users did not want to take care of a physical object. 


Thus, we made the switch to a digital plant avatar.  

Brand Development

Brand language - Fun | Outgoing | Friendly

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itera web-06.png
itera web-07.png

Iter + Tera

journey of a plant.

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Success Metrics

 download vs completion
Number of downloads vs number to people completing the 30 day recommended period.
Connections made
Calculate number of plants exchanged in order to understand the number of connections that are made through the app.
Track number of returning accounts to see the rate of retention.

The End.