Hello, I'm Aparna Marcelin  

I create products and experiences that tackle complex systems to meet user and business goals.

I'm a recent graduate from the Master of Interaction Design program at California College of the Arts.  Former experience includes working as a  User Experience designer in IBM. I am currently working as a Senior Product Designer in Walmart Media group, designing products that automate the mundane, testing hypothesis, and building complex yet usable experiences for our customers. 

Fun facts about me:

I love Farms.

I spent most of my summers working on my grandparents' farm and it became one of the first places that I learned about soft skills like collaboration and creative problem-solving. Work together, grow together. 

Active theatre nerd.

I've been in plays since I was in elementary school. I love the act of using any tools necessary to bring stories to life. I've noticed that the world of design and theatre merge together wonderfully sometimes. 

Meditate to concentrate.

I love meditation as a form of clearing my head. It's my favorite way to prep my brain and body to use its full potential in the morning and a great way to calm down and revisit ideas and moments at any other time of day.

Illustration Gallery | The Doodle Project (Ongoing )

This is an ongoing project/experiment which I started because I noticed that I barely took the time to enjoy my passion for illustration. This is my way of reminding myself of the love I have for the art and to truly get lost in doing what I love without deadlines or any other external factor. I've also noticed that this is a good way to increase my skill level. 

Contact Information

415-941-9398   |   marcelinaparna@gmail.com

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