Amazon Redesign

Personal Work, 2018 | Focus - Brand and Form


Working with tone and layout to re-imagine how the current Amazon website could be re-designed. I looked at the home page and a product page to see how it can be imagined differently.

The Ads are plain and not visually engaging.

The cart section cannot be closed  and ends up taking a lot of space.

The sections are cluttered and visually confusing.

Repetition of information causes clutter on the screen.

The dark blue of Amazon  is a reliable colour but it is also very boring.

Quick Assesment of The Current Site

• Look at the current site to understand aspects of the design that could be improved upon.

• Find the slight hiccups in the user experience of using the site.

• Understand the layout of the information.


MooD Board and typography

A vision of what the imagined tone and feel of the brand could be like.


Final design

After taking into consideration the newly created mood board, type format and identified issues with the previous layout, the new layout was created.  

The End.